Council Clerk

Sally Walmesley: 01763 852137

Parish Council Meeting Dates

 Tuesday 12th October 2021  Parish Council  Meeting - 19:30 hrs

Please note following Covid 19 regulations   remote meetings via Zoom have been suspended, meetings are as before however social distancing must be maintained and face coverings must be worn.

Parish Council Latest Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Parish Council Meeting Agenda  9 th November 2021

Parish Council  Meeting Minutes 12th October 2021

Minutes for previous meetings can be found on the Parish Council Miniutes Archive page

 Parish Council Notices

Any notices (other than meeting agendas and minutes) which the Parish Council have a legal or regulatory obligation to post for public view will have links in this section. The full doucments will also be placed on the Village notice boards.

Notice of conclusion of External Adit 2020/21


Notice of conclusion of External Audit 2019-20

Audit Public Notice  2019/20

Annual Return 2019-20

Notice of conclusion of External Audit 2018-19

Conclusion of External  Audit Report  2018-19

Unaudited Annual  Financial Audit Report 2018/19

Litlington Parish Council Privacy Notice for Residents and Members of the Public July 2018

Your Parish Council Members

NamePositionTelephone NumberAreas of Responsibility
Lisa Wiltshire Chairperson n/a Recreation Centre
James Bathmaker n/a SpeedWatch, Parish Post Liaison
Stephen Gray n/a .
David Sharp n/a Police liaison, Recreation Centre, Mobile Warden, Townlands charity, Cemetery
Nick Jones n/a Parish Plan, Tree Warden
Linda Williams n/a Playground Equipment & Cemetery, Recreation Centre, Village Hall
Geoff Barlow n/a Parish Paths
Sass Pledger n/a Parish Plan

Your other Local Authority and Government Representatives

South Cambridgeshire Council

Nigel Cathcart                                                                                                                  Email:

Cambridgeshire County Council

Sabastian Kindersley                                                                                                    Email:

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayor

Dr Nik Johnson                                                                                                                Please use the contact form on this link

Cambridgeshire Police Commisioner

Darryl Preston                                                                                                                 Email:

Member of Parliament

Anthony Browne                                                                                  Email:


Department for Communities and Local Government  (DCLG)        Click here to go to the DCLG website

Members of European Parliament

UK representatives are no longer sitting